#StartANewLife with Change

The only constant thing in the universe is change. 

When someone asked Paulo Coelho what he wants written on his tombstone, he said, “He was alive when he died.” Isn’t everyone? What Coelho meant was most of the people spent their entire life surviving it… not living it. 

Take me, the writer of this post, for instance (an obvious choice). I get up every day to work the job I hate so that I can make money barely enough for my expenses and go to bed every night feeling tired for nothing and a mild resentment because I know tomorrow going to be the same as yesterday and nothing I do matters. But, that was me last year. Now something is changed. I am changed. 

Its true people never really changes, but we can grow, get matured enough to appreciate the life and understand the incomprehensible thought of morality and fragile nature of time. Almost every friend of mine and any acquaintance I got a chance to share my thoughts with would agree that one of the worse things one can do with life is make it monotonous. Maybe that’s why the word routine starts with the sound of rut. 

Even with all the dates passing by and so much new to explore, don’t we always feel like we are stuck at a place and can’t move forward. The reason behind this feeling is that our brain thrives on change. Something new always brings a prospect of opportunities and excitement. That doesn’t mean change is not scary. It is horrifying, but that’s what makes us feel alive. 

We all have responsibilities we can’t ignore; everyone has duties to fulfill, so we can’t take a long vacation to our dream holidays. But that don’t mean we can’t take out time for little things that makes us happy, little things that would make us appreciate our lives more, enrich our otherwise boring days and give us new dreams for nights. What is that thing for you? 

The thing that worked for me is art. I just made one promise to myself on my last birthday, that whether I ever save enough for my dream of travelling around the globe or not, I won’t push back anything on tomorrow thinking that ‘I’m not ready yet’ or ‘there will be time’. These excuses have wasted a couple of years of my life and I refuse to waste anymore. 

I read books; lots of books. I watch international shows and movies. I write. I have learned to play harmonica. I am learning Spanish. These little things which I do in the evening 7-10 have not only improved my everyday but also facilitate me with an optimistic attitude towards my profession. 

Life hardly works like movies, where you decide you want to change and everything is different. Change works gradually and as every traveler knows, the journey is the best part. 

Enjoy the work you do or find something else for your amusement, life is too short for living the days dreading. 

So now take your life into assessment, what do you want to change? What would you like different? And work for it as much as you can or as little as you can, but from Today, cause there really is no tomorrow. Start living your life today, create the world you want to live in and #StartANewLife

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