Hope - An Essence

Many things are essential to live and survive in this world: food, health, protective shelter, clean air to breath. The other essential thing, the most underrated one, is hope. 
Merriam-Webster defines hope as ‘to want something to happen or be true and think that it could happen or be true’. Again one of those times when words feel inept.  

In the war of optimists, pessimists and neo-world realists, hope is an unfathomable force which inspires us to do great things, drive us to push our boundaries and perhaps the most important tool in the quest of achieving our dreams, even when everything is lost. 

It is always easy to find hope because it never really leaves us. It is visible in the stories of every successful person we know; it is hidden in books, movies, songs, paintings and all the art around us; it is scattered throughout the globe binding every human with moral zeitgeist. Like time, hope knows no discrimination of rich-poor, color, cast, creed or even intelligence.  

Then, why are there times when we are down? Why there are ‘failures’ after failures? Why depression causes over a million suicides every year? 
In times of letdown, if you are not finding hope, then you are looking at wrong places. 

The stories of our generations’ idols, whether it is Stephen Hawking - a living genius fighting with a dreadful disease, Malala - an ordinary girl struggling for her rights, Living legends like Shah Rukh Khan or innumerable sports icons that have battled their past to achieve greatness through their work, are awe-inspiring. But I like to find hope in small random places. This post is to share one such place with you. 

“I wanted to kill myself when I was 16.” This was a part of Graham Moore’s Oscar acceptance speech. 

On being honored with the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay of 2015 for The Imitation Game, Graham Moore exposed his heart and said he always considered himself weird and was depressed enough to attempt suicide in his teenage. This 33 year old son of two lawyers who divorced and then married two other lawyers had quite a challenging boyhood. From a mere technician working on Garnier shampoo’s ad to a bestselling novelist to Black List topper, he proved his worth against all odds. 

Moore got his hope from Alan Turing and as evident by his words, all he want is to forward that torch of optimism to others. His speech filled audience’s heart with exalting emotions and spread a wave of optimism through over 200 million viewers. 

If he can, then I can. If I can, then anyone can. With hope, the world is filled with optimism and everything is possible. So #LookUp at the sky and get ready for your flight. 

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Image credits: Hope art by BlueShining. Photo of Graham Moore © Oscar


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