Be Careful What You Wish For

Title: Be Careful What You Wish For
Author: Jeffrey Archer
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Genre: Fiction

Be Careful What You Wish For is the fourth installment of Jeffrey Archer's Clifton Chronicles. Following the legacy of Clifton-Barrington family, this novel is another commendable work of spinning yarns. 

In a frail attempt to take revenge with Sebastian Clifton, Don Pedro Martinez ends up killing his own son, which fuels up the fire within and he pledges to destroy both the families. While he recruits Major Alex Fisher to induce corruption in their shipping business, Emma Barrington Clifton is trying her best to keep up with all the perfidies and disruptions as the head of family business. 

Lady Virgina’s influence over Jessica’s in-laws and Sebastian’s recovery from the accident making him mature and conscientious, forms other sub-plots of the story carefully entwined with a new character Cedric Hardcastle, a Yorkshire banker; all augmenting to a fast-paced ride with twists hopping out at every other page. 

Even though every review mandate a comment on writing style and narration, if there is any exception to this rule – then this is it. Author is famous for boiling powerful stories with easy words. Though I am a bit disappointed to hear that the original 5 part series now may contain 7 or more parts, I have not witnessed any lethargy in the narration and I am happy to read as many books as the writer has to offer unless the story flow falls in a rut, which from this point seems quite improbable. 

Jeffrey Archer always chooses quite appropriate titles for his work. So let the dear readers be warned, not only the characters will feel the painful truth in this saying, ‘Be careful what you wish for’ but also the readers; as this novel too ends in a cliff-hanger. 

With 4 books released and 3 yet to come, it is the best time for a newbie to jump into the world of Clifton Chronicles, penned by one of the greatest writer of our times. 


Clifton Chronicles - The Story So Far... 

Only Time Will Tell – This novel, set in Bristol, England, marks the beginning of the saga. Harry Clifton, a young boy of a waitress and a dock worker, has a special gift of song which will change his life. Harry’s mother, Maisie has done a lot of sacrifices for his better schooling and a lot of efforts to hide the truth of his father’s death from him. But when Harry befriends Giles Barrington, whose father owns the shipping company where Arthur Clifton used to work, something revolutionary is put into motion. 

The Sins of the Father – Harry Clifton in an attempt to flee from his troubles assume the identity of Tom Bradshaw only to end up in prison paying life sentence for killing a man. His love, Emma is on the quest to find the truth about Harry’s death, when she comes across ‘Diary of a Convict’, memoirs written by Harry in the prison. Giles’ misadventure in the army, Harry’s escapades with Pat Quinn, Hugo Barrington’s death and other sub-plots make this an exhilarating page-turner. 

Best Kept Secret – The novel begins with the resolve of Harry v. Giles. Giles’ marriage and divorce with Lady Virgina, politics of Alex Fisher and Parliamentary elections holds most of the book; along with the progress of Harry’s son Sebastian, his friendship with Bruno Martinez and his entrapment in smuggling by Bruno's father and a notorious antagonist Don Pedro Martinez. 

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