A Trip to Island Pineapple

Special thanks to Bacardi for releasing six exciting flavors of Breezer: 

  • Jamaican Passion 
  • Lime 
  • Cranberry 
  • Orange 
  • Blackberry Crush 
  • Island Pineapple 

This post is my attempt to prove why Island Pineapple is the best. 

What you like Lime? Then make lemonade. I’m sure nobody will feel sorry for a guy claiming ‘life has given me pineapples’. Your choice is Jamaican? That’s so racist, man. They say Cranberry is sissy, but I’m cool, go on. And as far as Blackberry is concerned, I am an Android person. Being from Orange City, I am tired of Oranges already. But Pineapple is a well-deserved choice and here is the proof: 

The etymological aspect – Pine, an evergreen coniferous tree and Apple the prime fruit makes Pineapple; embarking the freshness and purity. 

The morphological aspect – It has a wild look with tough segmented skin and crown of a tuft of stiff leaves making it the most macho in the fruitland. You know a kiosk is a Juice center when you see a Pineapple; they never hang any other fruits in the display, no sir. 

The social aspect – No wonder if its aroma reminds you of Hawaii and lei or some other tropical island. Its bitter-sweet taste will quench your thirst and leave you wanting for more, both at the same time. Making it a perfect choice for celebrations. 

The media aspect – From The Pineapple Incident of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ to ’50 First Dates’ It had played a great part in many stories, now it’s time to make yours with Island Pineapple. 
In a nutshell or say pineapple’s thorn, if Pineapple ever decided to stand for President, I would vote him. 

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PS: Do remember to check breezerindia.com for cool games (unless you are colorblind). 

Images ©LukasValine & 123rf, Rights of all the flavors, brand names and product images reserved with Bacardi. 

Please ignore this post if your age is below 25 years, otherwise, Cheers!!


Lukas said...

Wow, I was googling my name, and I stumbled across your blog. I see you used some my artwork. Glad you like it. :-D
Lukas Valine

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