Following post is written by my friend and special guest blogger Heather to contribute in the Shave or Crave movement. 

Let me straightly get to the point. It doesn’t matter what they claim, there is only one reason why men walk around with half of the face covered in messy & scratchy hairs. Men are lazy. That’s it, there is no other reason. They will bear the itching and come up with excuses like, ’It makes me look cool’ and whatnot just to put-off a 15 min of shaving activity. And then they call themselves rational. 

I am not completely against facial hairs; I’m okay with them on once or twice. But that’s it, just once or twice, in a year. Because it doesn’t matter how expensive his clothes are or what amount of cologne he have applied, a guy never gets a clean & fresh look unless he is clean shaved. So if you are about to go to a party and want your guy to leave his stubble at home, here are a few things you can say to make him crave for a shave: 

  • With that look you are gonna scare all the kids in the party. 
  • That really adds up to your age, don’t blame me if they assume you my uncle. 
  • You know how the food stuck in to your beard & moustache, you don’t wanna carry around the party showing what you had for dinner. 
  • They will think you are retiring, or worse, jobless. 
  • I know you think it makes you look badass, but actually it hides your charm, your superman-like chin. 
  • They might think you are sick. It harms my image as a caring person. 
  • I think I saw grays in there. 
  • With that scratchy face, you are missing your chance to greet all those beautiful women in the party. 
  • OMG, I saw something moving in your beard. Are you sure it’s not some insects’ home? 
  • I am not saying that you look like a terrorist, but I doubt if the security guy will let us in. 

And, in an exceptional case, if none of these works make sure you gift him a grooming set on next and every occasion. 

Good Luck! 

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