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The dictionary definition of Zest is: (n.) great enthusiasm and energy. But like every other word in queen’s language, zest is too defined by the perspective and varies from person to person. As suggested by Team BlogAdda, here is my list of five things that I think add Zest to my life. 

1. Movies of SRK 

My favorite actor is also the most popular one in the world. Coincidence? Maybe or maybe I just have a great taste. Shah Rukh Khan is not only a very inspiring figure but his movies are always entertaining and a bit different from the Bollywood rut. That’s the reason why apart from Hollywood movies and TV shows I always watch his movies whenever I am feeling down, and he always lives up to the expectations. Meeting him one day is probably the best zest I could get in my life. 

2. Books 

If you haven’t seen other posts of this blog, just look around and you’ll know why this thing is here. As said by a great mind, books are portable magic. They not only enhance your knowledge, aptitude and emotional stability, nevertheless also provide a better understanding of the outside world. All these while entertaining you. God, I can’t live without books; Gutenberg is the greatest inventor of all time, Tesla has to come second. Spending endless hours in the National Library will redefine zest for me. 

3. Drive 

A scenic drive with world moving all around you, escaping the present while wind howls, what could be more exciting and refreshing than that? ‘Hank Moody driving in the sunset’ always gets me wonder. The thought of driving a fast car on LA highway or the roads surrounded by farms in SF fills me with energy. 

That said, don’t drink and drive. Drive responsibly as you never know which dog, cow, kid or some lunatic will jump in your way on Indian road. Be safe. 

4. Amusement Parks 

First I thought I’ll include just the roller coaster ride, although now I think the entire atmosphere of a carnival fills me up with enthusiasm. I’d gladly settle for merry-go-round too. Amusement parks bring out the child in me and I do miss that child. I heard Orlando, Florida has Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, Seaworld, Universal’s Island of Adventures and Discovery Cove; I’d love a visit there. 

5. Blogging  

Well, this has to be on the list. The most obvious reason why I am sharing my thoughts on a global platform is because I love doing this, not just to expand my knowledge however to explore and feel connected. Blogging is the best provider of adrenaline rush, especially to lonely sociopaths like me (just kidding, no offence to lonely sociopaths). 

Well, that’s my list. Don’t forget to share yours.  

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