Shoes of the Dead

Title: Shoes of the Dead
Author: Kota Neelima
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Genre: Fiction

Shoes of the Dead by Kota Neelima not only have a catching title but also captivating content.
Gangri, whose brother committed suicide owing to all the debts his farming cursed on him, is fighting for a dead man’s rights. On the other hand, a young politician Keyur Kashinath, bestowed by political powers transcended due to his father’s legacy is looking forward to embark his mark in the dirty politics. When their world collides, what the reader gets is a story filled with farmer’s plight, dark face of government politics and image of a shattering society caged with false anticipations.

One would say there is nothing left to say when it comes to such a concept this book is based upon. And they might be right. Shouldn’t one read Premchand instead? And one might be wrong. People like us, belonging to a foremost middle class group either believes that things are getting better – ‘Hey there is a new chain of XYZ brand in the city.’ or ‘It rained good this year.’ Or, we believe things are getting worse – ‘What petrol prices hiked again!’ or ‘Are you kidding me, no subsidy on LPG?’ But the fact is things have always been the same for the farmers of this nation. Government, politicians, society and corrupted professionals, everyone constitute for it. And maybe they will be this bad for a long time, unless a struggle begins, one such portrayed in this novel.
But that’s not all what the author has to offer. She has also taken into account of politician’s thinking. Something, I don’t remember I witnessed anywhere else; and hence an applauding effort.

Writing is refreshing and next to perfect. It feels good to learn that you are investing your time in such a book whose author has done a tremendous research. The confidence, anger and urges are conveniently conveyed with moderate flow, quite appropriate for such a story. No, it’s not a drag.
The only bad part I came across is that many-a-times I felt the dialogue between characters as superficial. Reminds you of something you may have heard somewhere. Also, it makes the characters to lose a bit of credibility.

Overall, this is a fresh read which you begin with a sigh of relief that it’s not going to be in the junk shelf of your library and complete with lots of thoughts and emotions storming through your brain. Recommended for every reader who need food for thoughts, particularly those who can’t miss a day’s newspaper.

Rating: 4/5 

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