Obstacles Welcome

Title: Obstacles Welcome
Author: Ralph de la Vega
Publisher:Thomas Nelson
Genre: Business culture 

Obstacles Welcome is written by Ralph de la Vega, who is the president & CEO of AT&T mobility and consumer markets. As the tagline of the book, ‘turn adversity to advantage in business and life’ suggests this book comprises of writer’s lifetime experiences and the theories and attitude he followed to achieve his goals.

The reader being a witness of Ralph de la Vega’s life experiences all the obstacles he faced in his life and how he used them to cast his future and be the person he always wanted to be. The author being separated by his family at a small age of 10 by Cuban authorities landed on a foreign place, having no knowledge about the English language. But, just by his attitude he changed the every challenged into an opportunity. Since his entire route to success he faces issues of hurricanes, political unrest, merging of companies and other such obstacles which eventually made him the person he is today.

In this book he teach us the very basic but most important things anyone should needed to learn in order to have success in business and personal life. Every chapter of the book ends with ‘Takeaway Messages’, giving points to ponder in the path of life. His way of looking towards life is simply admirable and provides inspiration in every thought. I will recommend this book to each of that person who has a goal in his life or about to make one. This book not only preaches you to increase your confidence but also contains some practical strategies to be used in business or any other field of life.

An experience of lifetime is condensed in this book!

Rating: 4/5


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